Family Law; it's our name,
it's what we do


Nearly all issues in Family Law create emotional as well as financial stress. We can assist you.

We are a law firm located in Santa Rosa, California, and offer services exclusively in the area of Family Law.

Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of the legal system as it pertains to your particular issue so that you can make informed decisions regarding your family, reduce the anxiety and financial turmoil that you may be experiencing.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have handled hundreds of contested Family Law cases in Sonoma County.

Issues such as divorce, child custody, restraining orders, financial support for a spouse or child, and division of property are routinely addressed by our firm.

Our attorneys are also experienced mediators who can help you settle your contested Family Law case. We provide support and necessary information to help reach the best outcome.

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If you must go through divorce and want to be represented by an excellent, diligent, thorough, advocate then choose Bret Campoy. Bret and his staff always went above and beyond to fight for myself and our children. Every time we went to court Bret was well prepared and created plans and strategies. He always had a solid argument that often anticipated and out maneuvered curve balls that might be volleyed by opposing counsel. I can honestly say if the out come in hearings or in trial were frustratingly not in line with my position I knew in my heart that Bret and his staff always did their very best to represent me and our children. When Bret Campoy and his team were working on my case my conscience was clear that all was being done that could reasonably be done. Bret is so very good that the respected Family Law attorney that referred me to Bret stated “If I had to go through a divorce I would want Bret to represent me.” The cost of hiring Bret as an attorney was worth it.
Christine D