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Our uniquely focused practice and decades of combined experience in California divorce law ensure that we have the skill and capacity to provide the best services for our clients’ needs.

We assist clients in all aspects of divorce, such as child custody and support, spousal support, and property division, with the goal of helping clients peaceably resolve potentially contentious issues and providing aggressive litigation when necessary.

At A Family Law Firm, Inc., we pride ourselves on quality work and achieving positive and highly satisfactory results for our clients.

We provide services in all Family Law legal processes, including litigation, negotiation, mediation, and private judging. We represent clients straightforward divorce cases involving minimal property as well as high-asset divorces involving business assets, investments, retirement accounts and multiple properties.

Representing high net worth individuals in complex financial matters requires a sophisticated understanding and in depth knowledge of the law and are skilled at protecting our clients’ property, assets, and interests upon divorce.

We are dedicated to representing every client with integrity, dedication, and with the understanding that you are trusting us to resolve your divorce or Family Law matter. We provide you with honest, respectful, thorough representation aimed at helping you navigate this difficult process and achieving your goals.

Separation and divorce are often the most difficult times of a person’s life. How you resolve your divorce can impact every aspect of your life including your finances, your family, your children, and your retirement. Your future deserves nothing less than the best legal representation available.

Choose wisely in your decision, as the lawyer you select to represent you could have a great impact on the ultimate outcome of your case.

Seek Legal Advice & Representation from an Experienced California Divorce Attorney.

If you are facing divorce, our divorce lawyers can provide the strong, compassionate legal support you and your family need during this difficult time.

Our entire staff is involved, informed and looking forward to sharing our expertise and support.

Contact us today to assist you with your divorce needs.

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